Individual Assessment Centers
Information for Participants

Have you received an invitation from one of our clients asking you to participate in an individual assessment with S & F Personalpsychologie? We look forward to meeting you.

What to expect:

No preparation is required for appointments with our assessment team. We will go through various diagnostic processes with you. For us, it is particularly important that you feel comfortable during these processes and that we do not cause you any extra stress. We reject so-called ‘stress interviews’ and similar tactics, both methodologically and ethically. The conditions for diagnostic processes require a high level of openness on both sides, as well as mutual appreciation; it is this kind of trusting and cooperative atmosphere that you can count on experiencing with us.

During the assessment, we offer opportunities for breaks depending on your individual needs. It is therefore difficult to provide an exact duration for your visit. We recommend that you do not make any appointments immediately following your individual assessment, and that you plan your return journey for the evening.

Your visit:

We recommend public transport for your journey to us. Our office is located at 20 Königstraße in Stuttgart. The entrance is on Gloria Passage. Königstraße is pedestrianized, so vehicles cannot access the street directly. We are within walking distance of Stuttgart’s main train station (around 5 minutes away) and the Schlossplatz U-Bahn station (1 minute away). Our entrance is fully accessible, and you can reach our offices on the 3rd and 4th floors via the elevator. The Schlossplatz U-Bahn station is also fully accessible. If you are arriving with a driver or want to be dropped off, we recommend using the back entrance for Gloria Passage at 33 Stephanstraße.

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