The Multimodal Interview MMI®

The Multimodal
Interview MMI®

A Multimodal Interview MMI® can be carried out as a stand-alone measure or as a component of our individual assessment center processes. In these interviews, the advantages of classic interview techniques are combined with modern psychometric principles. They involve sections of structured and free discussion, taking into account the approaches of modern, multimodal aptitude diagnostics (approaches based on personal characteristics, current behaviour and professional experience). Numerous scientific studies have proven that these interviews have superior predictive validity and acceptance with candidates and users.

Multimodal Interview MMI® is protected by copyright internationally, as well as being a registered brand name/trademark belonging to S & F Personalpsychologie.

Benefits of
the Multimodal Interview®

  • High predictive validity (up to r=.52) when used stand-alone.
  • Greater security through consistent standards in candidate assessment.
  • High acceptance due to development specifically for your requirements, target groups and company.
  • High objectivity through structured process setup and standardized questions with evaluation notes.
  • Easy application and minimal time requirements for preparation and discussion (duration approx. 60–90 minutes).
  • Maximum validity through standardized results and dimension-specific evaluation.

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