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Our individual assessment centers offer you a solid basis for your decision making when filling strategically important positions and identifying candidate potential. From the early stages of clarifying requirements through to detailed feedback on results, we are there to provide support at every step. Our diagnostic processes are always multimodal, i.e. we combine simulation tasks with processes based on personal characteristics and professional experience. For this, we create tailor-made assessments that are specific for each target group, ensuring predictions without any blind spots. The aim is always to establish a valid assessment of candidates’ current potential and a forecast of their future professional performance. Precise recommendations regarding further development of personnel are possible as well. We are your partner in developing assessment processes as well as being a full-service provider for everything from candidate management to implementation, reporting and recommended actions.


Benefits of our Individual Assessment Centers.

  • Superior predictive validity and accuracy of forecasting thanks to the multimodal approach.
  • Processes are validated, specific to target groups, related to the job and based on the discussed requirements.
  • High acceptance with candidates and users due to clear, transparent and realistic tasks, as well as diverse methods.
  • Time-efficient implementation
  • Process design following the German General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG) and DIN 33430
  • Transparent, standardized, behavior-based feedback with a clear statement of aptitude and suitability.
  • Greater security and objectivity through consistent standards in candidate assessment.
  • Simplified processes for HR employees through evaluation plans and standardized processes.
  • Assessors with many years of experience and methodological competence.

Our individual assessment centers utilize the following processes and methods:


Multimodal Interview MMI® techniques can be used as part of our individual assessment center processes, or as a stand-alone measure. For more information, please navigate to Multimodal Interview MMI®.


Case studies and presentations are used to simulate important situations from everyday work, with the option of focusing on strategic topics and subjects. Candidates evaluate information, identify problems, outline a solution and then present it. In addition to their ability to work strategically and conceptually, the candidates’ skills in rhetoric, persuasion and resilience are also recorded. An optional add-on can explore how they handle objection and opposition: standardized critical questions from observers in the audience are used to test a candidate’s ability of persuasion when they are faced with a natural amount of stress.

Role-playing activities display a person’s existing range of behaviours in relevant professional interactions and bring these behaviours to life for us to assess. Candidates are given a description of a situation (e.g. a management task or sales pitch) and are asked to prepare their behavioral strategy. Then, they conduct a discussion with trained actors who play standardized roles. This ensures that performance evaluations for all participants always refer to the same requirements. Role-playing activities are used to deduce recommendations on leadership and decision-making behavior, as well as generally seeing a candidate’s formal conversation of behaviour.

Psychometric tests are diagnostic processes with some of the highest predictive validity; consequently, these form a fundamental component of our individual assessments. Primarily, these testing processes record traits that are stable over time within clearly defined psychological constructs. Having high relevance to requirements is one condition for a successful application in HR management; this is achieved through a specific combination of test processes. Our test psychology is pooled with our subsidiary company HR Diagnostics AG.

Work samples offer the opportunity to observe and evaluate a skill directly as it would be seen in real working environments. We develop work sample activities that allow us to measure the execution of core work tasks in a way that is relevant, efficient and valid. In addition to being embedded in specific work contexts, we emphasize the development of implementation modes, evaluation guidelines, data integration and combination with other diagnostic methods.

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